Evoque Remap Sheffield

Evoque Remap

Land Rovers Popular Evoque! Hmm Suffers A Few Problems, Mainly DPF Related Or EGR, This One Had The Lot Removed!

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified
150hp    >  210hp  +60hp
380nm   >  490nm  +110nm

EGR On/Off
DPF On/Off
Nissan Navara Remap Sheffield

Nissan Navara Remap

Nissan Navara Pick Up In For Remapping & Tuning, I Always Think These Go well Enough Anyway But Obviously Not! We Can Squeeze A Safe Few Hp Out!

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified
172hp    >  211hp  +39hp
403nm   >  460nm  +57nm
Subaru WRX Remap Sheffield

Subaru Impreza WRX Remap

Subaru WRX In For Remapping, We Can Basically Tune These Up To PPP Standards With Added Launch Control, Pop/Bang, NLTS, Switchable Maps Etc

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified
220hp    >  280hp  +60hp
260nm   >  320nm  +60nm
VW Golf Remap Sheffield

VW Golf Remap

VW Golf Remapped Power & Torque With Better MPG Thrown In! 

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified
170hp    >  205hp  +35hp
350nm   >  420nm  +70nm

EGR On/Off
DPF On/Off
VW Tiguan ECU Remap Sheffield

VW Tiguan Remap

Vw Tiguan Remapped For More Power & Torque, DPF Removal & EGR Removal, This Now Returns An Average Of 42MPG Whereas Pre Remap It Was Doing 33MPG!

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified
140hp    >  188hp  +48hp
320nm   >  412nm  +92nm

EGR On/Off
DPF On/Off

Alfa Romeo ECU Remapping

Alfa Romeo 159 ECU Remapped For Better Power & Torque Along With Better MPG As Well!

Gains are
Original > Modified
150hp   >   180hp
320nm  >   380nm

EGR off

Focus ST ECU Remapping

Ford Focus ST Ecoboost Remapped STG2

Gains are:
Original   >   Modified
250hp     >   290hp
360nm    >   450nm

Land Rover ECU Remapping

Land Rover Freelander TD4 ECU Remapped For Better Power & Torque, These Things Really Need A Remap!

Gains Are:

Original  >  Modified
112hp    >  144hp   +32hp
260nm   >  344nm   +84nm

EGR removal

Ford Transit ECU Remap

Ford Transit 2.2 2012 On wards Basically Have The Same Engine Fitted To All Power Variants So In The Same Respect All Gain The Same Overall Figure!

Gains Are:
Original  >  Modified 
100hp    >  180hp  +80hp
310nm   >  420nm  +110nm

EGR Off/On